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We are a professional Server Management Company, we are experts at what we do. With our World-Class Server Management, you can rest assured your server is in expert hands with our talented system administrators. Our proactive server management will guarantee that all issues will be taken care of with no additional costs, and that includes: any kind of attacks, server reachability issues, outgoing SPAM, security, periodic updates and so on. Whether you require our service on a one time basis or you would like us to be there 24/7 365 days a year, we are happy to assist you. We take our job very seriously and have pride in what we do!
Mark, CEO at JBMC Software Inc. (DirectAdmin):

From DirectAdmin's infancy to the present, Martynas has played a vital role in the development of our software. His technical knowledge and coding abilities are second-to-none; this includes his ability to quickly analyze problems and deliver usable solutions (sometimes in a very short time frame). Also, Martynas has a skillset much broader than most. He offers amazing communication skills and the ability to bring 'big picture' thinking into every aspect of his work. This makes Martynas an excellent troubleshooter as well. Aside from his razor-sharp technical skills, Martynas demonstrates a high level of integrity, professionalism, and courtesy in everything he does. We recommend him most highly!

Michael Armstrong, Lite Speed Technologies Inc.:

Martynas is a guru and a wizard. If you have ever been on the DirectAdmin forum, you know who he is (smtalk). His advice there is prompt and well-considered. He listens to users' problems — even when they're not explained very well — and often comes up with answers no one else could provide. Part of this is because, as a DirectAdmin contributor for over 10 years, he has more DirectAdmin experience than perhaps all but two or three people on the planet. At LiteSpeed, we've been very fortunate to work with him (on integration for LiteSpeed Web Server in CustomBuild 2.0). He's an incredibly fast coder and a thorough explainer. He takes his work seriously and obviously enjoys it, often coming up with innovative solutions over the weekend. You will be glad you worked with him (and I'm sure whatever he's charging isn't nearly what he's worth).

Igor Seletskiy, CEO at CloudLinux:

Martynas is crucial in our ability to deliver reliable & usable CloudLinux integration for DirectAdmin. If we have any questions about DirectAdmin - he is the first person we would talk too. He is the the most knowledgeable expert when DirectAdmin & CloudLinux are taken together.

Here is just a short list of what our Proactive Server Management will offer you (in addition to peace-of mind):
24x7x365 Monitoring
Our monitoring system will notify us of any potential problems BEFORE your clients notice them. Concentrate on your business, not the servers.
Emergency Help
Call or SMS us anytime to help you with any problems, we are always ready to assist you and solve the problems immediately.
Initial Server Setup
Have a new server? We will be glad to setup a control panel on it, harden security, configure and optimize it.
Server Migrations
With our migration services you can feel safe knowing that your customers will have minimal or no downtime of services at all, and no data loss, of course!
Periodic Security Hardening
We do not wait for a servers security to be compromised. We pro-actively monitor international security threat assessments and alerts to provide fixes before they affect you.
Periodic Software Updates & Patching
Relax. We will take care of all 0-day exploits patching and periodic software updates. It is monitored by us.
Periodic Server Optimization
Having problems with the load on your server? We will do our best to lower it and speed up your applications and websites.
Disaster Recovery
Has your server been hacked? Are you looking for a recovery of crashed MySQL database? Do you need your data to be restored? There is no task too complex for us to solve.
Our pro-active management service will take care of your server, freeing you to do more with your time.

Our monitoring system will notify us of any potential problems BEFORE they occur – Allowing us to handle issues without impact to you or your clients.

Pricing is based on individual client needs, number of servers whether on a one time or monthly basis. Please feel free to contact us now for an individualized quotation.

Hourly rates starting at
€ 39/h
Proactive monthly management starting at
€ 89/mo
Bulk server-management starting at
€ 49/mo

Discounts are available for monthly management services, when ordered for more than one server. Reduced proactive management packages are also available for lower prices (monitoring time limits, management hours per month limits, response time limits).

Terms Of Service

All of our clients are our friends.
Every client receives individualized service and is never left alone to handle anything.

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